How to Add zkSync Era to MetaMask: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the world of cryptocurrencies can be like finding your way through an intricate maze. Thankfully, tools like MetaMask exist, making our journey less complicated. 

Today, we’re focusing on the zkSync Era, an upgrade creating ripples in the crypto-sphere. If you’re wondering “how to add zkSync Era to MetaMask?” you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right in!

Understanding MetaMask and zkSync

MetaMask, a digital wallet facilitating the management and execution of transactions involving Ether and Ethereum-based tokens, operates as a browser extension and a versatile mobile app. Its ingenious design grants users seamless access to decentralized applications (dApps) within their browsing interface.

On the other hand, zkSync, an ingenious scaling solution tailored to Ethereum, endeavors to propel the network to a transactional capacity akin to that of Visa while ensuring unwavering security and decentralization. This noble ambition aims to expedite and economize digital transactions.

When zkSync becomes an integrated component of your MetaMask wallet, you unlock a treasure trove of benefits, most notably the swift and cost-effective execution of transactions. This proves to be especially advantageous for ardent traders and avid users of dApps.

Moreover, incorporating zkSync into your wallet is relatively straightforward, culminating in a remarkable enhancement of your overall cryptocurrency experience.

MetaMask and zkSync

MetaMask and zkSync

How to Add zkSync Era to MetaMask?

The following section will walk you through adding the zkSync network to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Step 1: Open MetaMask. Fire up your browser and click on the MetaMask extension. You’ll see your account dashboard. This is your control panel, your command center. Pretty neat.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Networks Tab. On your MetaMask dashboard, click the colorful circle in the top right corner. Then, select “Settings” from the dropdown menu. Now, find “Networks” and give it a click. You’re now in the right place to add zkSync.
  • Step 3: Add Network. You’ll see a list of networks already added to your MetaMask. Right at the bottom, there’s an option to “Add Network”. Click on it. You’re about to add a whole new network to your wallet!
  • Step 4: Input zkSync Information. Now you need to input the network details for zkSync. In the appropriate fields, enter the following:
    • Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
    • RPC URL:
    • Chain ID: 324
    • Block Explorer URL:
    • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Step 5: Save and Confirm. To complete the zkSync network addition, click “Save”. If everything’s entered correctly, you’ll be taken back to the Networks page, and zkSync should be listed among your networks. You’ve done it! You’ve added zkSync Era to MetaMask!
Add zkSync to MetaMask

Add zkSync to MetaMask

How to Adding zkSync Era to Your MetaMask Wallet Through Chainlist

Want to add zkSync to your MetaMask via Chainlist? No problem! Here’s how.

Head to Chainlist, an online resource for adding networks to Ethereum wallets. It’s a neat tool that makes adding networks to MetaMask a breeze.

In Chainlist’s search box, type in “zkSync Era” and hit enter. You’ll see zkSync listed. Click on it, then “Connect Wallet” and “Add to MetaMask”. Chainlist will automatically fill in all the network details in MetaMask. All you have to do is click “Approve” and then “Switch network”. And voila, you’ve added the zkSync Era to MetaMask via Chainlist!

Chainlist is a list of RPCs for EVM networks

Chainlist is a list of RPCs for EVM networks

Adding zkSync Era to MetaMask Mobile Wallet

Let’s remember the mobile warriors out there. Here’s how you can add zkSync to your MetaMask mobile wallet.

Start by opening the MetaMask app on your phone. You’ll see your wallet dashboard – your gateway to decentralized finance right in your pocket.

Click on the hamburger menu (those three horizontal lines) in the top left corner. Then, select “Settings”, followed by “Networks”. Click “Add Network” and input the exact zkSync details as before. Once you’re done, click “Add” to save the network.

You’re set! You’ve just added the zkSync Era to your MetaMask mobile wallet. On-the-go decentralized finance has never been more accessible!

MetaMask on Mobile

MetaMask on Mobile

Exploring the Benefits of zkSync Era on MetaMask

The zkSync Era brings many benefits that enhance the overall user experience on MetaMask. Let’s delve into some key advantages that make this integration a game-changer for Ethereum enthusiasts.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Traditional Ethereum transactions can sometimes suffer from slow processing times, especially during network congestion. However, zkSync significantly improves transaction speed by aggregating multiple transfers into a single proof, reducing the processing load on the Ethereum blockchain. This results in near-instantaneous confirmation times, making zkSync an ideal solution for users who value efficiency and time sensitivity.

Cost-Efficient Operations

High transaction fees have been a point of contention in the Ethereum ecosystem. With zkSync, users can rejoice as it dramatically reduces gas fees for transactions and interactions with smart contracts. Lower fees open up micro-transaction opportunities and encourage more frequent use of dApps without worrying about excessive costs.

Seamless dApp Integration

As decentralized applications gain popularity, the demand for scalable and user-friendly solutions becomes paramount. With the zkSync Era on MetaMask, developers can design and deploy applications that take full advantage of zkRollups, delivering a smooth and frictionless experience to end-users. This integration could usher in a new wave of innovative dApps that cater to a broader audience.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Privacy is a core aspect of zkSync’s design. By combining many transactions into one evidence, zkRollups obscure individual transaction details, ensuring higher privacy than on-chain transactions. 

Additionally, zkSync’s non-custodial nature means users retain complete control over their funds, mitigating risks associated with centralized services.

Interoperability with Existing dApps

For users who are already active participants in the Ethereum ecosystem, integrating zkSync into their MetaMask wallet brings a seamless transition. Users can continue interacting with their favorite dApps and DeFi protocols as they usually would, but with the added benefits of faster transactions and reduced fees.

A system called Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) helps the Ethereum network grow.

A system called Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) helps the Ethereum network grow.

The Future of zkSync and MetaMask Integration

Including zkSync into the MetaMask platform is a momentous milestone in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As the Ethereum ecosystem continues its exponential growth, scaling solutions, such as zkSync, become evident in securing its long-term sustainability.

The future promises even more remarkable advancements in zkRollups technology, ushering in unprecedented scalability and efficiency. 

The tireless efforts of developers will persist in optimizing and fine-tuning zkSync, ensuring a seamlessly enhanced user experience that entices a surge of new users and applications to embrace the platform.

Furthermore, as the industry matures and attains greater sophistication, we can anticipate a wider adoption of zkSync across various wallets and services. This widespread integration will cement zkSync’s position as the gold standard for facilitating efficient and cost-effective blockchain transactions.

Including zkSync into the MetaMask platform is a momentous

Including zkSync into the MetaMask platform is a momentous

Embracing the Power of zkSync for Decentralized Finance

One of the most exciting applications of the zkSync Era on MetaMask is its impact on decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi has emerged as a revolutionary force, providing users with financial services and products without intermediaries. With zkSync, DeFi platforms can unlock new levels of efficiency and accessibility.

Empowering DeFi Users with Lower Costs

High gas prices have consistently been a problem for DeFi subscribers, limiting the accessibility of various protocols and activities. With the zkSync Era on MetaMask, DeFi enthusiasts can now participate in yield farming, liquidity provision, and trading with significantly reduced transaction costs. This cost-effectiveness can attract a broader audience to the DeFi ecosystem, democratizing access to financial services.

Accelerating Yield Farming Opportunities

Yield farming, a popular DeFi strategy that involves earning rewards by providing liquidity to liquidity pools, requires frequent transactions and interactions with smart contracts. 

The speed and low fees of zkSync make yield farming more viable and profitable for users, opening up new opportunities for investors seeking to maximize their returns.

Enabling Instant Swaps and Trading

The speed of zkSync transactions is particularly advantageous for traders who must execute swift trades in response to market movements. 

Instant swaps on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) powered by zkSync allow traders to capitalize on price changes efficiently, creating a more dynamic and fluid trading environment.

NFTs and zkSync: A Perfect Match

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have overtaken the world, revolutionizing digital ownership and creativity. NFT marketplaces often involve frequent transfers of unique assets, requiring a scalable solution to handle the demand. 

By integrating the zkSync Era on MetaMask, NFT enthusiasts can seamlessly buy, sell, and transfer digital collectables with minimal fees and delays.

Expanding Access to DeFi for the Masses

Decentralized finance holds enormous potential to revolutionize the global financial landscape, but high barriers to entry have hindered its widespread adoption. zkSync’s cost-effectiveness and speed can attract new users previously deterred by expensive gas fees. This influx of users can lead to increased liquidity in DeFi protocols, fostering further growth and innovation in the space.

The Power of zkSync for Decentralized Finance

The Power of zkSync for Decentralized Finance

zkSync: A Key Player in Ethereum’s Scalability Solution

Scalability has been a long-standing concern for Ethereum, especially during periods of high demand. zkSync emerges as a key player in addressing these scalability challenges, offering a Layer 2 scaling solution that significantly reduces the strain on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Complementing Ethereum’s Layer 1

By leveraging zkRollups, zkSync aggregates multiple transactions into a single proof, reducing the computational burden on the Ethereum Mainnet. This off-chain data availability approach allows zkSync to process thousands of transactions per second, making it a powerful complement to Ethereum’s Layer 1.

Bridging the Gap between Speed and Security

One of the main benefits of zkSync is its ability to achieve high throughput without compromising security. 

zkRollups ensure that all transactions are still secured by Ethereum’s robust and decentralized consensus mechanism, maintaining the integrity of the network.

zkSync and Ethereum 2.0: A Synergistic Future

Ethereum 2.0, or Eth2 or Serenity, is Ethereum’s ambitious upgrade to transition the network from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Moving to PoS will significantly enhance Ethereum’s scalability, security, and energy efficiency.

zkSync and Ethereum 2.0 are not competitors but rather synergistic solutions. zkSync can continue to provide fast and cost-efficient transactions even on top of Ethereum 2.0’s PoS consensus.

This combination creates a robust framework that addresses scalability concerns from multiple angles, positioning Ethereum as a leading force in the blockchain space.

zkSync: A Key Player in Ethereum's Scalability Solution

zkSync: A Key Player in Ethereum’s Scalability Solution

Common Issues and Solutions

When it comes to technology, things are sometimes rosy. Here are some typical problems you could encounter while integrating zkSync to MetaMask, along with solutions.

Problem 1: Network already added

If MetaMask indicates that the network has already been added, you have already added the zkSync network. Recheck your network list if you need to remember to do this. ZkSync can be hidden in plain sight!

Problem 2: Incorrect Network Details

Check your entered points again if you get an error stating that your network information is incorrect. Even a little misspelling might need fixing. Try emptying your browser’s cache if everything seems in order, but your issues persist. It’s like giving your browser a short brain reset.


In this article you have discovered how to add zkSync Era to MetaMask. We’ve covered everything you need to know about adding the zkSync Era to MetaMask, including the steps for adding it through Chainlist and on mobile. Now, you’re all set to take full advantage of the speed and cost-efficiency zkSync brings to the Ethereum network. Go forth and explore this new era of blockchain transactions!



Why do I need to include zkSync in MetaMask? 

Adding zkSync to MetaMask lets you complete transactions more quickly and affordably, making it a fantastic choice for dApp users or frequent traders.

Can zkSync be added to MetaMask for mobile? 

Yes, following the instructions in the “Adding zkSync Era to MetaMask Mobile Wallet” section above, you may add zkSync to the MetaMask mobile wallet.

I get a message that the network is already added. What ought I to do? 

This indicates that your MetaMask already has the zkSync network. Recheck your network list; zkSync could be there.

Chainlist, what is it? 

The website Chainlist maintains a list of network information for Ethereum wallets. It makes adding additional networks to wallets like MetaMask or others more accessible.

What happens if, after adding the zkSync network to MetaMask, I cannot connect to it? 

Recheck your network settings if you’re having difficulties connecting. If everything is in order, try emptying the cache on your browser or contacting zkSync support.

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