Worldcoin Airdrop: How to Claim Free WLD Tokens

Worldcoin Airdrop: How to Claim Free WLD Tokens

Worldcoin airdrop is a unique way of distributing free WLD Tokens to anyone who verifies their identity using an Orb. Learn how to participate and why you should care.
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Various uses may be made of the digital currency known as cryptocurrency. But not everyone can use it or gain from its advantages. With the use of eye-scanning technology, the Worldcoin project hopes to alter that by providing free cryptocurrency to everyone globally. 

Worldcoin aspires to build an inclusive, open, and fair global identification and financial network by doing this. This post explains the Worldcoin airdrop, how it works, how to acquire free tokens and more.

What is Worldcoin Airdrop?

Worldcoin airdrop distributes gratis WLD tokens to people who download the Worldcoin app and verify their identity using an Orb. According to the Worldcoin website, Worldcoin has allocated 7.5 billion WLD tokens to the Worldcoin community through grants. Those who download the Worldcoin app and verify their identity using an Orb will receive 26 WLD tokens. Users can also claim additional airdrops every week. Verified and unverified users have one year to claim their tokens.

Because users are not required to do chores like following social media accounts, introducing friends, or filling out forms, the Worldcoin airdrop differs from previous crypto airdrops. Instead, customers must look into their eyes with an Orb, which takes under a minute. The user’s identity is concealed via the eye scan, which is anonymous.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Worldcoin airdrop, regardless of location, economic level, or background. Worldcoin thinks that providing WLD tokens for free is the best approach to realize its vision that everyone should have access to the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the digital economy.

Worldcoin airdrop distributes gratis WLD tokens

Worldcoin airdrop distributes gratis WLD tokens

What is WLD TOKEN?

WLD token is the native currency of Worldcoin, a brand-new cryptocurrency initiative that seeks to establish a universal identification and monetary network accessible to everyone. The WLD token is intended to be a utility token with governance features that will give users more power by allowing them to influence the protocol’s future. 

Users can claim by verifying their identity using an Orb, a device that scans their eyes and confirms that they are unique and real people who have not received a World ID before. One may send and receive money, buy products and services, exchange for other cryptocurrencies, and use it. 

Reading their whitepaper, following them on Twitter, or visiting their website will provide additional information about the WLD cryptocurrency and Worldcoin.

WLD token is the native currency of Worldcoin

WLD token is the native currency of Worldcoin

Worldcoin Airdrop: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Get the Worldcoin app for iOS or Android.
  2. Enter your information to register.
  3. You will now be required to set aside 25 WLD Genesis Grants.
  4. To reserve your tokens, click “Reserve for now.” During a year, reserved tokens are available for redemption.
  5. You must now use an Orb to confirm your identity to claim the tokens. Orb is a scanning tool that confirms you are a genuine individual who has yet to be issued a World ID. See this article for additional details about Orb.
  6. To locate an Orb nearby, go to settings and choose “Find an Orb.” If an Orb isn’t nearby, kindly check back often on the Worldcoin app.
  7. In addition, you will get 1 WLD more to prove your identification.
  8. Grants will be distributed as extra airdrops each week. You must reserve them each week to claim them when your identity has been confirmed.
  9. You will only need to prove your identification once for all future airdrops.
  10. Continue to reserve your tokens each week to boost your benefits since each award airdrop will become available for reservation after the last one expires.
  11. Each week, tokens will be made available for claim to anyone who Orb has validated.
  12. After the Genesis grant, you might anticipate fewer grants in the future.
  13. Customers will get an extra $20 worth of WLD for using Worldcoin between May 2021 and January 2022.
  14. See the Tokenomics section of their website for more details about the Whitepaper.
Worldcoin Airdrop: Step-by-Step Guide

Worldcoin Airdrop: Step-by-Step Guide


Worldcoin airdrop is a great opportunity to get free crypto tokens by scanning your eye using an Orb. By doing so, you can also join the Worldcoin community, which is a movement that aims to create a more inclusive and fair digital economy for everyone.

Worldcoin airdrop is easy and simple to participate in. A smartphone and an internet connection are all you need. You can download the Worldcoin app on your phone, find an Orb near you, or become an Orb operator yourself. You can scan your eye using the Orb regularly and claim your WLD tokens every week.


Is Worldcoin safe and legal?

Worldcoin is secure and compliant, yes. To protect its users’ security and privacy, Worldcoin uses cutting-edge encryption and blockchain technologies. Additionally, Worldcoin complies with all applicable rules and legislation in any country where it does business.

How can I access my account and see my transactions?

The Worldcoin app or any blockchain explorer that supports Optimism, the layer 2 solution that Worldcoin utilizes to grow its network, lets you see your balance and transactions. You may handle your WLD tokens using any wallet that accepts Optimism.

How can I exchange or spend my WLD tokens?

You can exchange or spend your WLD tokens on platforms supporting Optimism, such as Uniswap, Zora, Decent, or Optimism Bridge. You can also use your WLD tokens to access various online services that require identity verification, such as DApps.

What dangers exist in participating in the Worldcoin airdrop?

The main risk of participating in the Worldcoin airdrop is that supply and demand conditions may cause the value of the WLD tokens to alter over time. The potential future appreciation or value retention is not guaranteed. Therefore, you must simply take part in the Worldcoin airdrop if you are intrigued by the undertaking and its objectives in addition to the free tokens.

What information can I find out regarding Worldcoin?

Visiting Worldcoin’s website, reading their whitepaper, following them on social media, or signing up for their community forums are all ways to learn more about the cryptocurrency.

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Worldcoin Airdrop: How to Claim Free WLD Tokens
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